Why I Thought I Was Undateable

As many people know, dating is hard and finding someone you, love can be even more difficult. I got ill aged 12, which meant that I was in and out of school until I had to be home educated aged around fourteen fifteen. I was too ill to keep up with friends and life at … Continue reading Why I Thought I Was Undateable

The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration

A collaboration between Diary of a Disabled Person and Seeing ME in Reality. It surprises many people that self-propelling a wheelchair takes a lot of effort and energy; after all, you are pushing the weight of both yourself and the wheelchair with smaller muscles in your arms. While this is often suitable for those who … Continue reading The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration

Seasons Secrets

  Hi Friends, I wanted to try something different this week, after loving making the lists recently I was thinking about products I'd tried recently and thought about what had become a favourite.  I thought I might start a blog series called Seasons Secrets. Basically when I chat about what I have rediscovered, what I have … Continue reading Seasons Secrets

The Little Things In The World Mean The Most

Have you heard your grandparents say it's the little things in life that mean the most? I never fully got what they meant. I got ill aged 12 and it took me a while but I got it before my 14th birthday. The small gestures and snippets of time you will remember forever and after. … Continue reading The Little Things In The World Mean The Most