M.E Me and Baby?

ME Awareness week felt like the right time to publish this, I have had written for nearly a year. I don't want to bring sadness to anyone but I also didn't want anyone feeling alone in the choices we have to make in life, like the big life choices that stick forever. Disclaimer, I just … Continue reading M.E Me and Baby?

Can You See ME? – Day In Life Of Me with ME

I know on here I talk about ME/CFS a lot and the impact it has on the individuals that have it and the wider circle of their friends and family. But today I want to give an honest account of a big events day typical in the life of ME. It's ME Awareness Week and … Continue reading Can You See ME? – Day In Life Of Me with ME

ME Awareness Can Be Sad

I just shared this on my blog Facebook Page and thought I would publish it here because I want you all to have the opportunity to read if you choose. It was a spur of the moment decision. Hey all, It feels like it's been a while since I sat down to chat with you … Continue reading ME Awareness Can Be Sad

Hiding ME and Me

So It's ME awareness week from the 7th of May to the 13th with ME awareness day being the 12th of May. I have struggled to know where to start with ME awareness which is kind of funny considering I manage to write a blog post about it every week. I'm taking you far into … Continue reading Hiding ME and Me