My Darling Sister – Your Wedding

Dearest Monkey, So this week is the big week! You will become a Mrs so soon. I know you wanted me to do a speech at your wedding but it just wasn't possible. So, this is roughly what my speech would've contained. I hope you like it and remember to soak up every moment of … Continue reading My Darling Sister – Your Wedding

Dear Caregiver,

  I was watching the news one night when there was a feature on a woman. She has a website called One Million Lovely Letters. She writes letters to people and sends them. I was inspired by her story and later in the feature, it showed that she also had M.E/CFS. In homage with a … Continue reading Dear Caregiver,

A Letter To My Newly Diagnosed Self

On the Internet, there are hundreds of letters to your younger self at a particular age or milestone in their life. As my path is different, I thought I would write a letter to myself at the aged 13, shortly after getting a diagnosis (M.E/CFS). I didn't want to sound indulgent, but I really needed … Continue reading A Letter To My Newly Diagnosed Self