Talking To The Universe

Having this blog is a strange concept. I sometimes feel like I’m talking to the universe and others it’s a quiet conversation between us then other times it feels like a meaningful exchange with friends. I know there are people reading from various countries and different backgrounds. This brings me comfort yet sadness, I wish … Continue reading Talking To The Universe

Dear Caregiver,

  I was watching the news one night when there was a feature on a woman. She has a website called One Million Lovely Letters. She writes letters to people and sends them. I was inspired by her story and later in the feature, it showed that she also had M.E/CFS. In homage with a … Continue reading Dear Caregiver,

Confessions of Chronic Illness Sufferer

In my first blog post, I said I wanted to address topics that might help friends and family so you don't have to go over it. So, I have made a top ten mistruths and hidden realities of being ill for so long. Obviously, you may not have the same experience as I, but I … Continue reading Confessions of Chronic Illness Sufferer

Does The Loch Ness Monster Change Perceptions Of M.E?

  Isn't it amazing how invisible an invisible illness can make you? Add in that most people haven't come across an illness like CFS/M.E and you are a target for ‘helpful' advice. I'm sure we have all had comments like "Why haven't you tried more exercise? The stronger you are the better, surely that would … Continue reading Does The Loch Ness Monster Change Perceptions Of M.E?