10 Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

So I haven't done a list in a little while and I thought about things I'm sure people don't understand or misunderstand about me all the time. As always this isn't to point the finger at anyone in my life or even yours but to have a moment of how powerful the way we talk … Continue reading 10 Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

I Felt Like I Needed To Write This

I haven't known whether to post this but this was my weekend. For all the spoonies out there. It was a hen party night last night and at the grand time of 9pm, I hit the invisible brick wall and then cried the whole way home. It was important night and I felt like I … Continue reading I Felt Like I Needed To Write This

Wisdom and Rainstorms

One of my favourite smells in the world is just after a heavy dose of rain/rainstorm. Especially in the summer, it just smells fresh and new and like the dousing of rain washed away some of the grime left from previous events. Life can become monotonous when you have any sort of long-term illness. The … Continue reading Wisdom and Rainstorms

Fear, Frustration, Fault & Struggling

Frustration. There are two meanings to this word according to Oxford Dictionaries. "The feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change something" and "The prevention of progress, success, or fulfilment of something." At this point in time, both of those interpretations of the meaning of the word frustration apply … Continue reading Fear, Frustration, Fault & Struggling

The Liebster Award

I can't quite believe I'm sat here writing this, My dear friend nominated for this award which stands for great qualities. Mini is a complete force of nature, full of guts and determination. How she has done all that she has with M.E/CFS is completely amazing to me. She writes about the realities of her … Continue reading The Liebster Award

The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration

A collaboration between Diary of a Disabled Person and Seeing ME in Reality. It surprises many people that self-propelling a wheelchair takes a lot of effort and energy; after all, you are pushing the weight of both yourself and the wheelchair with smaller muscles in your arms. While this is often suitable for those who … Continue reading The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration