Starting Again & My Top 5 Hospital Must-Haves​

First things first, hello!  I am back on the mend at home and excited to be back writing. I have a way to go until I'm back to normal but it's heading in the right way. I've missed writing for you all, but the break has given me time to just worry about being ill. … Continue reading Starting Again & My Top 5 Hospital Must-Haves​

Time To Try Again

Saturday is not my normal time to be releasing blog posts but I just wanted to tell you there will be a blog post on Tuesday. I am slowly recovering at home but I am taking it week by week. I have missed chatting you via this blog even if it's only been a week … Continue reading Time To Try Again

Life Is The Unexpected

Friends, I am off my usual schedule, there will be a Tuesday blog post that was scheduled way ahead of time luckily. I am sorry to say that I am not going to be publishing content for the next two weeks or so. I am very unexpectedly in hospital. At the time of writing this, … Continue reading Life Is The Unexpected