It's rare I write about M.E/CFS specific literature, documentaries, or interviews mainly because I haven't read a book or study that I would recommend. Until now. I'm really excited to talk to you about this! Some of you may be aware of a documentary called Unrest, created by Jennifer Brea. I first came across her … Continue reading Unrest

Dear Caregiver,

  I was watching the news one night when there was a feature on a woman. She has a website called One Million Lovely Letters. She writes letters to people and sends them. I was inspired by her story and later in the feature, it showed that she also had M.E/CFS. In homage with a … Continue reading Dear Caregiver,

Confessions of Chronic Illness Sufferer

In my first blog post, I said I wanted to address topics that might help friends and family so you don't have to go over it. So, I have made a top ten mistruths and hidden realities of being ill for so long. Obviously, you may not have the same experience as I, but I … Continue reading Confessions of Chronic Illness Sufferer