I Struggle With My Body

Trigger warning - this blog contains talking about body image confidence and how your body looks. I also mention self worth and embracing imperfections. I've been debating on whether to write about this topic for a few months. I try to keep my blog real without being super depressing or heavy even though I cover … Continue reading I Struggle With My Body

Hiding ME and Me

So It's ME awareness week from the 7th of May to the 13th with ME awareness day being the 12th of May. I have struggled to know where to start with ME awareness which is kind of funny considering I manage to write a blog post about it every week. I'm taking you far into … Continue reading Hiding ME and Me

When Days Out Don’t Go To Plan

Part of life is dealing with disappointment and accepting that sometimes it's just not your day. When you go out a total of once a week or less when it's not your day it can cut deeply. Add in the possibility that you could potentially face a negative reaction be that for using a disabled … Continue reading When Days Out Don’t Go To Plan

My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine's day you either love it or loathe it. But I feel like it's worth writing a list of date ideas for us spoonies. So I hope there is one of these ideas you love and try out for valentines. Valentine's day doesn't mean you have to go all out for a fancy date great … Continue reading My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

My Top 5 Acts Of Random Kindness For The More Ill Than Usual

  I've been hit by a rather nasty cold and my health has taken a nose dive. I've written a different type of blog post today. I thought I would name my top 5 most appreciated acts of random kindness you can do for any person ill or not. ( In my opinion, obviously) 1. Do … Continue reading My Top 5 Acts Of Random Kindness For The More Ill Than Usual

Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?

I have been thinking a lot about self-care and whether you ever ‘waste' energy. I think it is so easy to be almost clinical about looking after yourself and do the needed and logical pragmatic tasks in hand as to not ‘waste' energy. Being neglectful of ourselves in times of fast-paced periods in our lives … Continue reading Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?