The Future Is My F Word

I am so excited for 2020 already. We have some holidays booked and Baloo has a big birthday quite soon into the New Year. There is a lot to look forward to and enjoy. I am enjoying the planning but at the same time, I am scared that I will alter our plans.   My … Continue reading The Future Is My F Word

Talking To The Universe

Having this blog is a strange concept. I sometimes feel like I’m talking to the universe and others it’s a quiet conversation between us then other times it feels like a meaningful exchange with friends. I know there are people reading from various countries and different backgrounds. This brings me comfort yet sadness, I wish … Continue reading Talking To The Universe

A Letter To My Newly Diagnosed Self

On the Internet, there are hundreds of letters to your younger self at a particular age or milestone in their life. As my path is different, I thought I would write a letter to myself at the aged 13, shortly after getting a diagnosis (M.E/CFS). I didn't want to sound indulgent, but I really needed … Continue reading A Letter To My Newly Diagnosed Self

Goals, And The Path Ahead

Goals. For some of us, that word creates an immediate shudder. I am one of these individuals. Years of goals being set for me in a prescriptive manner, with little to no input from me makes me severely avoidant of goals. It was far too disheartening to not be able to achieve them and even … Continue reading Goals, And The Path Ahead