Conscious Energy Conserving

This is the first blog of 2020! I hope your start of 2020 has been a good one. I took some time off to try and recover from the festive season. I always think the blog world hibernates a little the first two weeks of January so I thought it was a good time to … Continue reading Conscious Energy Conserving

Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?

I have been thinking a lot about self-care and whether you ever ‘waste' energy. I think it is so easy to be almost clinical about looking after yourself and do the needed and logical pragmatic tasks in hand as to not ‘waste' energy. Being neglectful of ourselves in times of fast-paced periods in our lives … Continue reading Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?

Boredom Busters

Some of us with chronic illnesses find ourselves with quite a bit of spare time. There are only so many repeats of Friends you can watch before getting cabin fever. I have put together my favourite ways to beat the boredom. Some of them are unique, but it might lead you to your own version … Continue reading Boredom Busters