❤️ Spoonie Valentines Date Ideas ❤️

I did a list of the date ideas for valentines a couple of years ago and thought I would update it with some fresh ideas. If you want more inspiration then you can find the older blog post here.  I hope you find something that makes valentines accessible for you or just a regular fancy … Continue reading ❤️ Spoonie Valentines Date Ideas ❤️

Why I Thought I Was Undateable

As many people know, dating is hard and finding someone you, love can be even more difficult. I got ill aged 12, which meant that I was in and out of school until I had to be home educated aged around fourteen fifteen. I was too ill to keep up with friends and life at … Continue reading Why I Thought I Was Undateable

My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine's day you either love it or loathe it. But I feel like it's worth writing a list of date ideas for us spoonies. So I hope there is one of these ideas you love and try out for valentines. Valentine's day doesn't mean you have to go all out for a fancy date great … Continue reading My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas