My Necessities For Car Journeys

Travelling to London was an experience let me tell you( If you missed it here are the blog posts about my adventure 1 2.) Car journeys aren't the easiest for me and I can just about survive a two-hour car journey and after that, it's not such a great time. It takes me days to … Continue reading My Necessities For Car Journeys

2019 Favourites So Far

I haven't done a favourites blog post in such a long time! Since I've had Christmas and a few splurges in the sales (can you blame me?) I have a few things to share with you that I'm loving right now. Books Now I know it isn't Christmas anymore but I had to recommend 'The … Continue reading 2019 Favourites So Far

Christmas Stocking Gift Guide 2018

Well well, look how time flies! I love Christmas and buying gifts that I wanted to do more than just the one gift guide this year. Stocking fillers are still a thing in our adult family. I love having stockings and all the cute and lovely things you can put in them. I'm going to … Continue reading Christmas Stocking Gift Guide 2018

I Joined The Instagrams

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that I, the dinosaur of social media has bitten the bullet and got Instagram. I am hoping that will feel like you get to know me a little better and see behind the blog scenes along the way. I am way outside my comfort zone … Continue reading I Joined The Instagrams

Father’s Day

I thought for a long time as to how to write this blog post on Father's Day. I didn't want it to be cliche ridden and full of gratefulness because I'm ill and I still live at home. My Dad has been amazing since I got ill and I will never ever invalidate the time, … Continue reading Father’s Day

I Felt Like I Needed To Write This

I haven't known whether to post this but this was my weekend. For all the spoonies out there. It was a hen party night last night and at the grand time of 9pm, I hit the invisible brick wall and then cried the whole way home. It was important night and I felt like I … Continue reading I Felt Like I Needed To Write This

Rose Tinted Reality

Recently I had a moment when my reality which is my normal suddenly doesn't match up to the world's reality. If you've ever been to the opticians, there's typically a machine that takes a rough prescription of your eyes. It has a picture you look at, and it goes in and out of focus to … Continue reading Rose Tinted Reality