ME Awareness Month 2020

This might be the most significant ME Awareness Months yet, you may ask why I think so. In the UK we are on day 42 of staying at home and I think that this might be the closet insight into the world of chronic illness you can get without having it or living with someone … Continue reading ME Awareness Month 2020

What To Do When People Don’t Believe You

Before we get into today's blog post I just want to say I mean no disrespect to anyone who genuinely tries to be supportive of someone with M.E/CFS, I also know a one-off comment can be a blow to someone that hurts and can stick in their minds. Sometimes no matter how open you are, … Continue reading What To Do When People Don’t Believe You

M.E Me and Baby?

ME Awareness week felt like the right time to publish this, I have had written for nearly a year. I don't want to bring sadness to anyone but I also didn't want anyone feeling alone in the choices we have to make in life, like the big life choices that stick forever. Disclaimer, I just … Continue reading M.E Me and Baby?

ME Awareness Week 2019

Well, it's that time of year again and I'm excited for the content on social media and my gorgeous blog I have spent hours creating. It is from the 6th of May until the 12th with the 12th being the official M.E Awareness Day. I found last year really difficult to write about. I hope … Continue reading ME Awareness Week 2019

Can You See ME? – Day In Life Of Me with ME

I know on here I talk about ME/CFS a lot and the impact it has on the individuals that have it and the wider circle of their friends and family. But today I want to give an honest account of a big events day typical in the life of ME. It's ME Awareness Week and … Continue reading Can You See ME? – Day In Life Of Me with ME

ME Awareness Can Be Sad

I just shared this on my blog Facebook Page and thought I would publish it here because I want you all to have the opportunity to read if you choose. It was a spur of the moment decision. Hey all, It feels like it's been a while since I sat down to chat with you … Continue reading ME Awareness Can Be Sad