Blogging Through Brain Fog

Ever since I came back from Madeira I have had the most tremendous brain fog. There are so many half ideas dotted around on my phone, iPad and MacBook. I just can't seem to formulate the ideas into cohesive content. Thankfully, I have had a few spare blog posts but I am aware I have … Continue reading Blogging Through Brain Fog

Goals, And The Path Ahead

Goals. For some of us, that word creates an immediate shudder. I am one of these individuals. Years of goals being set for me in a prescriptive manner, with little to no input from me makes me severely avoidant of goals. It was far too disheartening to not be able to achieve them and even … Continue reading Goals, And The Path Ahead

Saying Goodbye To Summer

I have a love-hate relationship with autumn; I love the explosion of colours and the fact it brings me closer to Christmas. What I'm not so keen on, is the chill in the air and in the U.K, the amount of cold rain that falls. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful time of year, … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Summer

Does The Loch Ness Monster Change Perceptions Of M.E?

  Isn't it amazing how invisible an invisible illness can make you? Add in that most people haven't come across an illness like CFS/M.E and you are a target for ‘helpful' advice. I'm sure we have all had comments like "Why haven't you tried more exercise? The stronger you are the better, surely that would … Continue reading Does The Loch Ness Monster Change Perceptions Of M.E?

Being Happy Broken​

How can I be happy with me when I’m broken? This question has haunted me for the best part of years. Most people would respond that none of us is perfect or whole, but to a girl growing up ill, it seemed too simplistic. It felt like some of us are just more broken than … Continue reading Being Happy Broken​