Life Lessons In Lockdown

I have been trying to find the everyday things that spark joy for me or I appreciate more since lockdown. I’ve been pretty absent online just because I’ve been trying to strike some sort of balance in this new life we have. I have been reading a lot and trying to soak up the happy in life. Life truly is the simple things and I know I have had a new perspective on what is important to me.

Hugs matter. I can’t wait to hug Baloo who I haven’t seen in maybe 10+ weeks by this point. We know that hugs are good for us but physical contact is limited and I know I have family members I want to hug.

Sunshine helps bad situations seem brighter. I have been loving the weather here in the UK that for once hasn’t been dismal. I have enjoyed my garden which I know I am very lucky to have. Sunshine can lift your spirits as can the great outdoors.

You make time for the things that are a priority for you. I just hope I remember to ring my Grandparents more for a chat which I can be lacking in during normality. It doesn’t take much time to do the odd jobs you never get round to. It’s all about prioritising and time management.

It’s ok to need time for yourself. Sorry to my family I am living with right now but if you have 4 adults living together at some point you need to retreat to regroup and to be quiet.

I appreciate the people who keep our lives ticking over, from the people in supermarkets to farmers to doctors to couriers we are so grateful for you and I hope I remember that.

I hope that everyone continues to be compassionate towards another. We all are going through things and it doesn’t take too much to give the benefit of the doubt. I hope that we continue to hold close the people who need more support in life and we fight for the inequalities that surround us.

Things don’t make you happy, now I’m not saying my new PJs did not spark joy because they truly did. But I miss the beach and BBQs with my family and the freedom to hug. those are all things that can’t really be bought and in our consumerism riddled society maybe it will be a wake-up call to how much we don’t need and what we place status and value upon.

I need to work on my self-discipline!! I’m sure we’ve all said one more chapter of a book before bed and the next time you look up the book is finished and it’s 1 AM in the morning. The more structure I have and if I keep the promises I make to myself the easier life is. Your word means more if you can keep it and I need to work on being more aware of my actions from the foods I eat to the time I go to bed. Every choice you make has the power to add or subtract from your overall day.

I have a newfound appreciation for the fact that control is simply an illusion. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how bizarre 2020 really could be and life has been unimaginable. All I can control is my response to the inevitable curve balls life throws our way. I can try and see it as a time of growth and learning and take heed of those lessons. I will always continue to make mistakes and learn as everyone does but you can only control your actions and that is ok.

Lastly, I know that once life has more normality included I will take hold of the opportunities and they will feel amazing. I can’t wait for so much and I know it will feel like a gift when it’s safe to go out again. I often think about how as we grow we lose our sense of wonderment about our surroundings. Watch a baby be delighted to go past a dog there is a novelty that doesn’t get old for them even if it’s the third dog of the day they get excited. I think that will be me once we can relax once again.

Thank you for coming back to read after some pretty shoddy weeks of blogging, leave me a comment about what you appreciate or want to do once life goes back to normal I know the UK is delayed compared to some countries so tell me what you’ve been doing out of lockdown where you live!

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