Eeyore Mode Active

This blog post talks about weight gain and not fitting into clothes and trying to make healthier choices. If this may affect you then I recommend not reading this blog post.


Yesterday I had a complete Eeyore day as I called it. Eeyore became my spirit animal and there wasn’t that much that was wrong, I was upset due to going through my clothes and finding that I don’t fit in them anymore, well most. Not that it wasn’t something I was aware of but it isn’t a particularly fun task to try on trousers you can’t get past mid-thigh. In the end, it added to my resolve that I wanted to be healthy and possibly fit back into those clothes so I will be keeping them for a year and then if they don’t fit they will be leaving my wardrobe.

But like I said Eeyore became my spirit animal and I was as dreary as a rainy day. It also reminded me that we all cope with uncertainty and stress in different ways. But we all have to give ourselves grace and accept that sometimes you just have to try and see where you go from there. Yes, I am still accountable for the fact my clothes don’t fit but trying to add more pressure to life at home won’t help my illness nor my sense of wellbeing.

If you cope better being productive do that, if you cope best under your duvet then do that. Life isn’t one size fits all, coping isn’t universal. We all are different even when we have united to slow the spread of this virus. We all are on different paths and we should celebrate that we all have different strength and weaknesses. Be kind to yourself and with baby steps and low pressure you might be able to forge ahead.

I know what my intentions for this time are and they are mainly to come out the other side with my sanity intact and some good memories of my time with my family. I want to appreciate the little things and delight in the privileges I have to look forward to. But for now, I think I will be stepping away from the biscuits and trying to make healthy choices.


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