My Netflix and Disney+ Recommendations

I am a Netflix junky at the best of times and I have just added Disney+ to my life when it launched in the UK so here are some recommendations for you. I’ll list them together depending on streaming service. I hope you find something new to watch seeing as most of the world is at home and probably looking for some sort of distraction.


How I Met Your Mother
I like to have a boxset on the go at all times so I tend to rewatch them every now and then so I am currently going through How I Met Your Mother. I know I’ve completed it at least once if not twice and there are some episodes I have no recollection of which makes it more interesting.

British comedy at it’s best. I tend to identify with Miranda just a tad being 5 11″ and awkward without meaning to be. It makes me happy and it’s quite a gentle yet cringey series.

Brené Brown- The Call To Courage
I watched the TED talk and loved it and found this talk just as engaging. It’s all about courage and vulnerability and how as humans sometimes we aren’t so great at it. I highly recommend it if you can watch it.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes
This is incredible if you love houses and architecture and seeing different cultures all wrapped up in one series. You go from New Zealand to Spain and everywhere in between. If you want some escapism this is the series for you.



As it is so new I haven’t fully gone through Disney+ fully but these are my top 3 as of now that I’ve loved.

Lady And The Tramp Updated Version
I loved the original as a child so this was really lovely to watch the updated version and see the dogs more lifelike than they were. I think this is one of the disney+ originals so it might not be available anywhere else.

Gosh, I love this film. It’s such a great concept and so vivid and bright and the songs are catchy to boot.

Inside Out
If there was a time in our lives we all felt a hundred emotions all at once this one might be the time. It follows a girl growing up and the different emotions that work in a control room in her mind. I thought it was rather funny to think about how many people must be crowding over the controls in our minds right now.

The Lion King Updated
The animation was fantastic in this and so life like! I love a hakuna matata much as the last person so this is a great feel-good film. I feel a tad old knowing that they are remaking all the Disney films I grew up with but I’ll skip over that quickly.

I hope this might give you some new things to watch at this strange time in our lives. I hope you all can stay safe and as much at home as you possibly can. Please leave me suggestions of films tv series etc I’d love to hear from you!

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