I’m sorry that this is the topic that brings me back to my blog after an unscheduled break in posting. I have taken some time to adjust to how life needs to be for now and I wasn’t sure what to say. I hear a lot of anger from our community for the adaptions that magically arrived within hours of the stay home, stay safe rules. I hear the fear and worry about the delicate balance in life we face just to make it through. Our normal worries are amplified and a scarcity mindset seems to have swept over the world. I still am not sure how I feel about it all besides hopefully, this will give an insight into life when you are housebound in some way. Maybe it will create an understanding that will help path the way to a better future.


In my corner of life not much has truly changed, sure I can’t see Baloo or my sister but not going out isn’t a new situation for me. I miss them dreadfully but I am grateful for facetime and all the technology that keeps us connected right now. I have found myself worrying more but I think everyone is right now. I have appreciated any happiness or contentment as much as I can. I think it has been for me good to grind to a halt and take a look around. To see where I was heading and what I want to go back to normal once this is all over. I am thankful for what I am lucky to have and I don’t take that lightly.

I just wanted to pop on here and say that it’s ok to feel alone and scared I hope you can find things that take your mind off it all and make you feel happy even just at that moment. Try to look after yourself as best as you can and be kind towards yourself and others. No one has been in this situation before and we need eachother.

Also seeing as we have nowhere to be please leave any blog post ideas you have in the comments below or tell me something that made your week!

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