My Top Moments in Madeira

I wanted to share some of the photos from my recent holiday. I am really happy with the results since I got my Nikon D3500.

I love the sunrises from our balcony the most. One morning I slipped out of the room in the dark and watched the sunrise and it was the most peaceful time. Peace isn’t always easy to find in day to day life so I tried to soak it up as much as I could.


Sunrise Rain 1

One of our day trips was to Funchal centre and the infamous Flower Market. People who sell flowers have to dress in traditional clothing. Flowers are everywhere in Madeira and the greenery is gorgeous.

Flower Market Outside

The market was heaving with people so navigating it in a wheelchair was a bit of a mission. There was every type of fruit and vegetable all stacked high.

Flower Market Fruit

These were taken at the top of the Island cable car. We took a taxi up to the top as Baloo is rather scared of heights. I think the trip up in the taxi with all the hairpin turns were more frightening for him so he chose the cable car to go back down.

Cable Car 2

Mountain Trail

Cable Car Mountains

One day I would love to stay in this hotel! It can be covered in cloud coverage so we had a clear day for it. It was so picturesque and quiet it made my heart happy. We had such a lovely time and I’m hoping to revisit soon. I want to visit more on the other side of the island and we are hoping to go again next year.

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