❤️ Spoonie Valentines Date Ideas ❤️

I did a list of the date ideas for valentines a couple of years ago and thought I would update it with some fresh ideas. If you want more inspiration then you can find the older blog post here


I hope you find something that makes valentines accessible for you or just a regular fancy date-night. 

  1. Plan to eat as if you were in a different country. This could be so fun to do if you want some nostalgia of travels past or places you’d love to visit one day. If I picked France I would have a breakfast of fresh pastries and thick hot chocolate. You can be as adventurous as you want to be. 
  2. Go to an old fashioned sweet shop. Pick out some new ones some classic choices and choose something for each other. Far more fun than just picking up a box of chocolates. The easier version of this is to get a selection box sent to you via amazon etc. 
  3. Recreate your first date. Baloo and I always recreate our first date on our anniversary but it’s lovely to do. Bonus points if you wear the same outfits as your first date. be-mine-stickers-879200
  4. Buy a puzzle or a Lego set and spend the day trying to complete it. You can have some of your favourite food close by. It’s something different without being too dramatic.
  5. Have a games night, you could do this just as a couple or host a few friends to only slightly hate your partner for beating you always by the end of the night. 
  6. Try crazy golf together. It’s an original valentines date idea and could be low energy if you take it slow. white-and-red-heart-print-cloths-2063004
  7. Write a bucket list for the year that you both want to do. It will give you ideas of gifts, experiences and fun days out. 
  8. This is a gift and an experience all wrapped up in one. Build hampers for each other. Go and find unique things you know your other half will love. It could be something you make them or just a selection of jams but you can have fun with it.
  9. Find a new rom-com you want to watch and just have low key valentines. It doesn’t have to be the most outrageous time for you if you prefer a quieter life. 
  10. Spend time together doing separate things. I know this sounds odd but if you want an evening engrossed in books then why not. You are spending time with them but it doesn’t have to be together. Do what works for you as a couple. 

So those are my ideas for dates this Valentines I hope you can spend it with your significant other. I also hope you have the energy to do something if you like valentines. Leave me a comment for a Valentines date idea I would love to hear them!


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