Flying For Some Sunshine

I know this is probably one of those blog posts that in the depths of winter you automatically hate. I am going on holiday where the sun appears and the weather is just a tad warmer than here in the glorious United Kingdom. Boo! I know, I can hear you all! I’m sorry for deserting you in the bleak weather but I need some sunshine in my life. My family is no longer restricted by term dates since my brother went off to uni so we have a lot of flexibility after decades of only being able to holiday at certain times. After the busy Christmastime, we are going to our old faithful Island that I’ve been going to since I was young. This time is special not only because we are going in January but we are taking Baloo with us! He has put a lot of trust in us and I am so excited to be able to show him around the most beautiful place I know.


Obviously, one person in a wheelchair with a chronic illness can be a handful to get through an airport so taking two people with chronic illnesses might be a tad interesting. I owe my parents a drink on the first night for sure.

Sadly, the hotel that we stayed at all of my childhood memories of this Island is closed for refurbishment having been bought by another hotel chain. So we are in a different part of the Island and a new hotel which is exciting. We should have a view of the sea and there are 3 pools to choose from. I’m excited to share some family traditions with Baloo but mostly I’m excited to make some memories on the Island that holds so many happy times. I am excited to not have to wear thermals and 8 layers. We are away for just over two weeks and that should give Baloo and me time to recover from the flight.


I know that for some thinking about going on holiday is impossible and the only way this is possible is because my parents kindly invited us to go with them, if Baloo and I had to travel by ourselves we are limited to not going more than a couple of hours away in the UK best-case scenario. That’s the reality of both of us being ill but we make the best we can.

I will be keeping up the blog whilst I’m away if I can get all my ducks in a row but if you want to see more of the holiday then head over to my Instagram which is where you will find many, many photos of food. I am so excited to have this time to feel warm and try to recuperate from how busy life has been. Hopefully, it will all go well and I’ll forget the trauma of trying to find summer clothes in January. It’s a hard life but someone has to live it.

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