Twas The Night Before Christmas

Well, we’ve made it to Christmas Eve. Hopefully, it will be time to unwind and be in for a Christmas we can celebrate as best we can.
Having been dealing with my own mixed emotions about Christmas it made me think about how most people are going through something even if we aren’t aware and how we should be trying to be more patient, kind and tolerant in a world lacking in these often.


I can speak from my perspective that the reflection of Christmas and the end to another year can bring out the emotions we work hard to put to one side to deal with life.
I don’t want to make your Christmas Eve morose but I just want you to remember to be a little kinder to everyone. Everyone is going through something even if it’s not something you can see or experience. We all have things that can loom over this Christmas period and it’s easy to try and put a brave face on and act like everything is “fine.” I think sometimes we all get wrapped up in our challenges and miss the ones others face. Christmas can be a hard time of year for many.

Squeeze the people you love just that bit tighter and try to have the best Christmas you can have from your reality. Don’t do what I’ve done, crashed and burned by Christmas Eve. Pace rest and be yourself.

Happy Christmas and I’ll see you on New Year’s Eve for the last blog post of the year. 2020 is coming on rapidly.

2 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Christmas

  1. Hello! New to your blog but just thought I’d send you chilling out vibes and recovering thoughts. I am working on recovering from ME and just started a blog to try and keep me on track and have been pottering about looking for positive inspiration from other people. Be rested!


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