A Word From Baloo

Hi all, Baloo here.

I’m sorry this isn’t quite what you’d expect on your usual Tuesday. But with Christmas around the corner as well as my lovely girlfriend, (Your normal journalist/hostess) managing to make the trip this weekend to visit her brother, life has been pretty crazy. It’s the first time we’ve managed to visit him since he’s been off to University and while it’s been a hard couple of days, it has been well worth the energy spent. Needless to say, energy levels are down but the lack of a normal scheduled blog post this week has allowed us to have a bit more energy to focus on this important trip.
Hopefully there will be a blogpost for you all come Christmas Eve but here’s to you all. Have a lovely holiday season celebrating and spending time with your loved ones as best you can! I have plenty of presents lined up that may or may not be talked about on here depending how well they go down 🙈


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