Low Energy Christmas Activites For People With Chronic Illnesses​

I was wracking my brain for this blog post and then I realised that I have never shared my low energy Christmas activities I do each year. I sometimes need to slow down for the day and I don’t want to miss out on the fun that Christmas brings so here are 5 of my favourite low energy activities that make me feel all festive. Most of these can be inclusive of people around you which makes it far more fun. 

  1. Hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. Netflix has quite a few originals and some classic Christmas films on there but if you want more ideas, have a nosy of an older blog post: my top 15 Christmas Movies. Get comfy and cosy find the popcorn and just sit with the Christmas Tree on and watch a film. top-view-of-gingerbread-on-glass-tray-beside-a-cup-of-drink-3309656
  2. Read a festive book or buy the audio version. You can go for a classic like A Christmas Carol or a more modern one to your taste. It’s nice to relax with a book in front of the Netflix Fire on the TV and just be quiet.person-reading-book-and-holding-coffee-1550648
  3. Snuggle in a festive bed. I love flannel duvet covers and I have a few with polar bears on them penguins snowflakes and a plaid set that’s somewhere around here. It might be high energy for the person to change your bed but get your festive jammies out and make your room a Christmas place too. You can get a mini tree to go somewhere in your room.
  4. Sample all the festive food you wish to eat. Be that pigs in blankets or every festive edition of chocolate, do what makes you happy! This can be a weekly or daily event from mid-November for future notice.baked-cookies-2934200
  5. Baloo bought us a Christmas Puzzle for us to do which should be a low energy activity we can do together. Colouring books might be easier to do from bed to make you feel connected with the outside world. 

I hope these ideas might help you feel more part of this Christmastime. I know it can be a stressful overwhelming time of year so remind yourself to rest and put some calm classic Christmas music on and just have time to yourself. Leave a comment below and tell me of low energy activities you will be doing this year. 

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