Christmas Gift Guide 2019

It’s that time of year once again when I spend too many hours going through gift ideas and this time I am including some people who have chronic illnesses and sell beautiful items that aren’t “spoonie” related but just gorgeous.

Christmas Gifts.jpg

I always say that just because your loved one has a chronic illness it doesn’t mean they will love these gift ideas. We are all unique and the gift of socks with a TOG rating won’t delight some but be invaluable to another. Try and take into consideration their personality and likes.
I have included decadent Christmas presents and some more budget-friendly presents that could be in stockings. I think I won’t do a separate stocking gift guide this year so please check out the one I did last year for inspo if you need it.

All images are not owned by me and I have included in to give an idea of the products. They belong to individuals and companies. 

Sellers who have/had chronic illnesses and beautiful items.

Bear Hugs is just a fantastic idea and I have loved every encounter I have had them so much. You can make up hampers that act like a “bear hug” for those who are far away. I highly recommend this company as they have a fantastic ethos and their products are just to die for.


Charlotte Elizabeth, where to start? Recently there are more styles of handbags, purses and they are all stunning. I love seeing them on Instagram. I am yet to buy anything as they are a luxurious item. Beautifully made and the colours are a brilliant range. Perfect for a splurge!

Charlotte Elizabeth Collection

DizzyBlondeStudios I have two of these alcohol paintings in my room and my Mum has a few dotted around the house. The amazing thing with these paintings is they are completely original. Katie does take commissions ( with a wait obviously) and she has plenty of glittery paints and most colours under the sun. Truly stunning pieces of art and Katie is a lovely person to deal with. She updated me about my paintings and I think her artwork is a fantastic gift.

Untitled design-16

Happy Pawtraits. If your pet is part of the family Chloe does fantastic illustrations of your pet. She also has created colouring books and cute little items. An original gift if I say so myself.


The Patchwork Heart These are the cutest crochet items you might be able to find, Heather does a range of items from baby blankets to hot water bottle covers. There are colour choices for everyone and it’s lovely to have something handmade at Christmas. There is something for everyone.

PatchworkHeart Hot Water Bottle

Christmas gift guide

The Lettering Tree I have to add this to the gift guide as she does the most wonderful cards and prints on Etsy. I love her work and she is a dear friend of my family, but I rate her work regardless! Some are instant downloads which are great if you are looking for items at the last minute. You know who you are just saying…


I mentioned socks with a TOG rating, for that person who is always freezing these might be invaluable. They are on the bulky side but they wash well and keep your feet oh so cosy and come in all colours with grips on the soles and without. Would it be Christmas without socks? I think not.

Why not buy a Christmas film to watch? I have a list of my most loved on the blog and they are timeless even though there are more Christmas releases every year. It’s a great stocking filler.

Every year I say some of the same items but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with them. PJs robes and onesies are great if you like me spend 95% of your time in your PJs. Sometimes it’s lovely to have some posh ones and for me, ones that are as long as possible as your giraffe friends need some help too. Next, have a good range of PJs especially as they do all the fits, from tall to petite to curve. Any place that suits and fits the individual is great! These are the ones I’m dying to buy!

I love my baths and I find they help my pain levels and they make me warm sometimes for the first time that day. So I love to have natural bath products to use. I would say for me bath oil is a big no-no. I find it hard enough to get out of the bath with help without the slip factor of bath oil. Lush is a great place if you don’t have sensitivities to smell and have sensitive skin. Tk Maxx tends to have amazing natural shower gels etc for not too extravagant price.

This one might sound odd but reusable pump bottles for bath products. I love to get value for money but if a bottle of product is over 200ml then I struggle to lift it to pour it. Look out for some cute pump dispenser bottles with labels on like shampoo, shower gel etc. I first saw these on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram and thought they were a fabulous idea for those who struggle with the weight of items. These are the exact Mrs Hinch ones but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere. These are great if you want to be more eco-friendly just don’t give them to a clumsy person like me as they are glass.

Pump Bottles

Bath Board I got my sister one of these for her birthday but you could get a bath board to hold all your bits and bobs, you can have wine glass holder and a book prop so everything you need is in reaching distance. I got my Sister’s off eBay but Etsy gives you the option to personalise them and choose the finish.

BakedIn Mug cake Mixes. I have had these for a gift and they are great. It is a mix that you only have to add a couple of ingredients and pop it in the microwave and have a single portion mug cake. A lovely and simple gift.

Boxsets are great presents, in general, they tend to be an item that you don’t buy yourself. It’s great for binge-watching days. I know many people have Netflix and Prime but sometimes it’s great for those shows that aren’t on those platforms. I love them to take away when you know you might not have access to the internet. I just bought Doc Martin and there might be a few boxsets going to family members this year.

Bamboo Cups, I don’t do normal glasses for my drinks as they are too heavy for me. I have switched to bamboo to try and reduce my plastic use. it’s hard to find ones that aren’t children aimed and big enough but I love the ones from Cambridge. I have this exact print and I love them. They do pop into TK Maxx occasionally in the summer but I don’t think the price is bad from Amazon. There are many prints but they can go in the dishwasher it’s a win-win

Bamboo Cups.jpg

I think these are all my ideas for this year I’ll leave links for the 2018 gift guides and 2017 if they are relevant if you can’t find something for the someone you love. I hope you have enjoyed this festive blog post. Please leave a comment and tell me what you are hoping for under the Christmas tree this year, I’d love to hear from you!

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