Christmas Pacing Starts Now… In November

For me it is November and I am already pacing for Christmas, you have to think rather ahead of time if you are ill and need to try and not relapse or have a flare of symptoms after Christmas. I am trying to sort out a few things between now and Christmas. So from now on appointments can be no more than once per week, and I’m trying to do everything in smaller chunks. I am furiously writing for the blog this Christmas and trying to get present shopping before every shop turns into a jungle of manic Christmas Shoppers.


I feel like many don’t take into consideration that for people with lower energy you have to work harder to become more efficient with the precious energy you have. Which means for me, planning and trying to space things out as wide a gap between as possible. I also have a fun bonus that we are going on holiday for two weeks after the New Year. Which I am tremendously looking forward to but I need to conserve energy for that too. It will be amazing to get some winter sun and take Baloo with us but it adds to the overall plan of what my energy is needed for in the next few months. Christmas. Thankfully we don’t go until the end of January which gives us some time to rest and then think about packing.


Having a chronic illness sometimes feels like you are juggling teacups and trying to not smash one and then smash them all as the rhythm is disturbed by the first one smashing. It takes one false move to unhinge everything and most of the time you have no clue you made the wrong choice until you have completed it.

We know that we have to balance life and sometimes that can feel precarious at times. If you save energy for Christmas etc then you limit the chance of having a health dip a little bit. You might feel better also to work out exactly what your festive calendar contains so what you need to be there for and what you don’t have to be there for.

As with chronic illness, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that most are not able to see but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count as effort. But for now, you can find me in bed with a book saving energy for when I need it.

🎄 Can you please leave suggestions of crafters and people who have businesses who have chronic illnesses? If you have a business then please leave a link for it as I’m doing a Christmas gift guide 🎄

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