Why I’m Still Blogging About ME/CFS

Sometimes I don’t know what to say on this blog anymore. It’s been two years of blogging and sometimes I feel like I’m just starting to repeat myself. Baloo and I went through my statistics last night and I looked at all the countries people had read my blog from and the fact that I had over 5000 people have looked at my blog. Over 3000 people are from the UK.  My tiny little blog about me. I was taken aback and reminded why I write it in the first place.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 10.40.50


When I was so unwell I was housebound/sofa bound, I used to google blogs about ME and people with ME trying to connect with people who knew what I was going through at such a young age. I never found one that resonated with me, eventually, I tried to create that for someone else. That is why I do this blog when I feel like the brain fog makes everything similar.

I want to just have that one person out there feel less alone and find a community that will support them and make them feel less like an alien on planet earth. I want to help friends and family members support people with ME/CFS better. I’d love it medical professionals read it and it gave them a better perspective of their patients.

I want to find new content though so leave your suggestions in comments or DM me on Instagram. See you next week.

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