Why Change Can Be A Good Thing

Autumn seems to have snuck up on me a little. Our “summer” holiday didn’t have to be in school holidays for the first time so we got back at the weekend and there are hoodies and socks out for the first time since summer.


I don’t like the cold but I like Autumn. The best TV is on until Christmas, we have a chance to get too snuggly or as my Grandma would say, get Cwtchy. I have bought a new blanket for my bed which is navy and lovely so I’m embracing the change in the air.

I always see September as my last chance to end a year with something changed. You have three full months to be proactive and maybe get some of the to-dos off your list before the end of the year. I am trying to work on me a little so I am on day two of healthy eating and the sugar headache isn’t so fun but I want to develop new good habits and put my health first. There is time to think about what needs to be different and put into action.

Changing is hard and even though the seasons are the same four each year it takes time to get back into the rhythm of it all once again. I’m hoping to be able to embrace the cooler climes and savour the opportunity to implement change and go with the changes happening in my life. My brother is making his way off to university so I’m down to just me at home with my parents. It will be quieter for sure around here. He needs to go onto his next chapter and I am very proud of him for sure.

I was listening to a podcast from Jay Shetty and he said in it if you can’t enjoy the process then is the destination really what you want. I’m sure I’m paraphrasing terribly but it stuck with me. I am one of those people that put their head down and just tries to get through it and hope that it’s better on the other side. Change is the most certain part of life and if we aren’t embracing that then how much of life is just waiting for something to be over? I won’t be able to change overnight but I am hoping to remind myself that the process is the destination to some extent. Change is what we can count on so to resist it is pointless to some extent.

What changes are you making this Autumn? I’d love to know what you are hoping to do by the end of 2019.

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