Instagram Wasn’t The Issue – My Mindset Was

Before I jump into this blog post I just wanted to remind you that you can find my social media on my stay in touch page or for just my Instagram this is the link to it here

I didn’t have Instagram for the longest time because I was afraid. I had read articles of how ‘perfect’ life could be presented from beautiful bodies to successful careers and homes I’d kill for. I already have a tendency to have “Imposter Syndrome” and think my life doesn’t measure up to the images and stories that are everywhere because of social media. There is no fair comparison in life because everyone and every situation are different, but it doesn’t stop us comparing does it?

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I didn’t want to face up to what comparisons I might make. I didn’t want to feel even more like my body was too squishy and untoned ( I’m still looking for muscles). It boiled down to me not feeling like myself and my life was not enough. I found myself thinking that it might be something to share my blog and to be raising awareness. I didn’t want to be featured I wanted to just have a chance to connect with my readers and other people with chronic illnesses or M.E/CFS.

I was wrong. It wasn’t all perfect and it wasn’t all misery either. My followers and the people I follow tend to be like me, in difficult situations but making the most of the opportunities in front of them. I am lucky that I found ‘my tribe’ so to speak. It forces me to take photos also which I’m terrible at or used to be.

I still have a healthy respect for having social media rests. Sometimes I pop off for a couple of days for rest or because I don’t know what to say, there are only so many cat photos you can post. I love having Instagram and I love talking to the people I meet on there. I feel less alone I feel empowered by seeing what others try. We are in a lucky world where we can connect all around the globe, I find it amazing to see how others in different countries deal with chronic illness and the sad challenges we all face.

Social media can be toxic but you have control over your feed and who you follow. Be uplifted rather than feel inadequate and find hope with people in situations like yours. You don’t have to fit in or fit the ‘Instagram life’ I clearly don’t and there are millions like us! You have the power on what you do and do not post and what is in your feed. Follow the people who help not hinder you in your life.

Instagram wasn’t the issue my mindset was.


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