I Got Nothing

Trying to find balance in life is challenging, trying to be consistent as a blogger with a chronic illness is even harder. I think for this week I am just going to admit that I can’t juggle everything that’s happening.

In this week alone I will have been in two countries, I have been on a plane and in the car for miles upon miles. I’ve just been busy and I have this big family party that I must be present for. I want to remember it, I want to have a great time and I am stretched thin. My ME isn’t happy from all the change and energy needed and that’s okay and to be expected. So for this week I’m going to admit I can’t juggle and I’ve got nothing. I’m sad to not have a blog post ready for this week but I know it’s the right thing to do.

By next week I should be back to normal so have a lovely week and I’ll hopefully be in a place to get back to normal.

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