Young, Ill And In A Wheelchair

Hello lovely people,
I am still on holiday right now and I wasn’t planning to post this week. I thought I would talk about something that happened to me and I just want to say it’s a sad interaction for me. I find it hard to talk about but it is so important because it happens to us all and it’s something that needs to change.

I was in a shopping centre in Scotland, I was in my wheelchair like I always am and a complete stranger (With kind intentions might I add) walks past and clicks her tongue, and says “ouch such a bonnie lass, such a shame to be so young.” I didn’t understand her the first time because I wasn’t expecting her to talk to me. I know that this lady was just expressing sympathy because we all have this notion that illness and disability are for the elderly amongst us. She had good intentions. I smiled at this lady and went on with my day.

I felt slapped to tell you the truth. It shadowed my whole day. I know any member of the public could say something worse or more offensive but I think this is something that happens regularly that isn’t spoken about. You can be young and ill, you can be young and use mobility aids. My age doesn’t give me a shield against a long term illness any more than it can prevent me from breaking bones on a drunken night out.

The idea that the young don’t get sick or have a disability is damaging and hurtful. At my age did I think I would need constant help and not be able to look after myself? No, I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see that the medical profession would use my age as a weapon and tell me that I was so young as if it was a treatment in its own right. Being young and ill isn’t great it isn’t something you envisage and it can be hard to be jolted out of your reality by someone saying you are not normal for your age. You are ill well before you are ‘supposed’ to be. I was really sad to be reminded my normal isn’t normal.

I have got used to shaking myself out of it and going on with my day trying to gain the happy back. I have had to train myself to not be affected by it as much. I find this sad because I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to go about my day without comments dragging me down.

I know people have great intentions but it would not be socially acceptable to do to others who don’t have a disability. I have the right to be happy in my reality. I never truly forget that I’m missing out on life and I’m not doing what I would love to do believe me I know that every day that goes past. Just let me be in my bubble.

I am so enjoying my holiday and it hasn’t ruined it. I hope to share all my adventures in the coming weeks once I’ve finished having a crazy life but I am not going to rush myself. I miss blogging though even if I’m taking photos all the time for future blog posts.

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