Scotland Bucket List 2019

I really should be packing instead of writing but I have not had the time nor the energy to write recently so I am taking what time I have to write this blog post.

I am in Scotland now and I wanted to talk about my hopes of what we might get up to whilst there. Just before I launched the blog I went to Scotland and had the best family holiday whilst there. We went to Loch Ness we went into the Cairngorms and spent family time with not a midge in sight and maybe two days of rain in the two weeks.

I know that isn’t the true Scotland for many so we were blessed with amazing weather at the time. There were some things that I didn’t manage to do last time which I am hoping to do this time. But if it doesn’t happen then that’s okay too.

Scotland 17

Here is my Scotland 2019 Bucket List:

Take photos with my new DLSR – it’s my new baby and I want to capture the beauty and openness of the landscape there.

Go on a boat tour of Loch Ness, I was supposed to do this last time but crashed before it could happen. Hopefully, weather permitting we will get there and I can see Loch Ness from a boat. It’s much bigger than you think!

Eat lot’s of shortbread, every cafe has a different recipe and I will happily munch through it all.

Take time to absorb the peace. Life has been throwing curveballs at our family a lot recently and we need time to unwind and have a slower pace of life.

Find the perfect travel gift for Baloo. It might be harder than it looks to find a ‘proper’ quality souvenir as Baloo isn’t coming with us. It will be like the old days of having a long-distance relationship. The two weeks will fly by and then we will go back to being inseparable.

Read all the books I take with me. I love reading and just haven’t had the time or energy to read so this will be a lovely treat for me.

Avoid Haggis like the plague. I love tablet fudge, I love shortbread I’ll stick to those local delicacies just like last time.

Spend time with my Brother. This could be the last holiday with him still living at home and I want to soak up the time. The last time we went to Scotland we had my Sister there and she got engaged shortly afterwards. It’s nice to make memories before they fly the nest.

Lastly, I won’t beat myself up if my plans go awry I won’t feel guilty for resting and having to not go places in my wheelchair when the access is bad. I won’t push too far and just enjoy what I do get to experience.

What is on your summer bucket list? Leave me some recommendations for things to do in Scotland near Inverness I’d love to know what you enjoyed.

I’m not sure how often blog posts will be going up whilst I’m away because of timings etc so I will be active on Social media, there are links on my stay in touch tab on the blog.

Have an amazing week!

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