Life Update – Love, IKEA, Wheelchairs and Me

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I thought today I’d do a little life update. Baloo has now been living here for over three months which is crazy to think about. Last week the last of flat pack furniture was built for us – thank you all our family who helped. We are trying to find our feet and some sort of routine now that most of the chaos has settled down. We still have a list of things to buy to help us along the way and a trip to IKEA planned -only our third. Alongside the normal things, we need to do in a week.

We are working out how we work alongside each other on a more daily basis which has been very different from being in a long-distance relationship. I have to say I love being able to see Baloo every week and be able to see him when I need to. We have been focusing on the house a lot and working out survival so I’m hoping we can go on some dates and picnics this summer. Baloo is adjusting to country life really well, we still have some things to sort but he seems to like living here. He hasn’t told me otherwise.

It has been an adjustment for both of us I feel like I can say. We have each other to think of not just for one week out of three and we are constantly trying to invest in working on us. It is fun and lovely to be able to have this opportunity to be around the corner from one another and to learn about how we work when it’s just us. We are so new to it so it will take some time but we are getting to know what would help us day today. I’ve enjoyed seeing more of Baloo’s family and friends when they visit so it’s been lovely to get to know Baloo through the people around him.

We had my Sister and her husband over for dinner the other day and it was so lovely to be able to show them Baloo’s flat and talk about our plans for the long term and what we still need to do to make it more homely. I felt like a proper grown-up which never happens haha.

Besides that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for my family, my Brother is doing his final exams for a fortnight and it’s been stressful. I don’t want to disrespect his privacy so all I will say is I am so proud of the man I see in front of me. I am also counting the days until I can bug him to watch stuff with me and go out and be FREE. He has been chained to the desk.

In other news, I got my new wheelchair! I am very excited about it although it feels rather alien for me. I have swapped to a propelling wheelchair simply for extra height to accommodate my tall frame. I did forget my footplates the first time so I had to sit crossed legged because I refused to be beaten. You would not believe the weird looks I got though. A few parts needed to be ordered in because some of the wheelchairs didn’t fit exactly but for now it’s usable and I think its a good swap. It fits my legs a lot better and I can move a bit more in it. I was so thankful to the wheelchair specialist I saw who just said we need to start again the wheelchair you are in doesn’t fit you at all. So that’s how I got a new one. Being 5 11″ isn’t helpful in the disabled community as nothing is straightforward for you. But I am glad to have a better fitting wheelchair.

I am so excited for our holiday in July though! Scotland might not seem like your summer destination but I am so ready for the freedom and openness of the landscape there. It was heatwave weather last time we went so I am expecting rain and the cold to even it out but I am excited to go away to the coast and be with the family. It could be the last proper holiday we take as a four (Baloo isn’t coming) so I want to soak it up as much as possible. I am a tad nervous about the flight but the last time I had such a nice experience with the assistance in both airports I’m sure it will be fine. It is a 3 am wake up call but it’s only a short flight I think it’s 40 minutes. So we will be there in time for breakfast.

Besides that, I’m doing the usual hospital appointments and generally not doing so great health-wise. But with everything 2019 has thrown at me it’s to be expected. I have to remind myself that already this year has been packed. I went to London, something we weren’t sure how it was going to go, I had my boyfriend move down with 6 weeks notice a wonderful yet daunting event. There has been a lot that I need to remember because it all adds up. I know that stress is a big trigger of symptoms for me and some of the stress now is unavoidable sadly. I try to keep a calm mind and space but I’m human, sometimes everything piles up against me. I just try to be careful with how I deal with it all.

This summer, if I can keep myself afloat, should be a great one. We have a family event in late July which I am so excited for and some freedom in commitments and pressures. I can’t wait to be by the sea, I love the peace I find there. I am looking forward to so much but I’m also trying to stay grounded in the present. I don’t want to look at my life and think I was always after what I didn’t have. I was always looking at the next thing rather than enjoying the now enjoying each step on the way. I am not a very goal-oriented person but I do live for the next holiday, Christmas, date-night etc.

Right now I am enjoying the peace and the sound of my keyboard as I tell you all what is going on with me right now. I hope you enjoyed the more casual chat, I just wanted to tell you all what’s been going on with me.

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