My Necessities For Car Journeys

Travelling to London was an experience let me tell you( If you missed it here are the blog posts about my adventure 1 2.) Car journeys aren’t the easiest for me and I can just about survive a two-hour car journey and after that, it’s not such a great time. It takes me days to get over it and the pain is pretty intense. So I needed to try and plan for life and make the travel as easy as possible.


Here are some of the things I used that I really found helpful.
Pillows I sat on them for the majority of the time as they helped absorb some of the impact of the road texture and bumps along the way. I used memory foam ones but I’m sure all pillows would work.
Blankets I get cold and a blanket is easier to take on or off when we were on the move.
Disposable Heat Pads I had an old one I used on the way up and it helped with my pain levels. But the amazing ones were the ones I found on Amazon that were on Prime. They keep warm for twelve hours and are biodegradable which is fabulous. They weren’t the cheapest but they weren’t expensive and I love them.
Snacks and Drinks It sounds like I am obsessed with food but its more than just a love for it. I took juice cartons so I could take medication as and when needed and food so we didn’t have to stop when I felt like I was going to pass out.
Pain Killers It sounds like a silly simple one but put them somewhere you can reach easily. I used a bag insert to organise it so it was to hand during the travel.
Eye Mask I didn’t use it this time but I recommend an eye mask too if you’re travelling and the light is getting to you.

So I hope this might be helpful for anyone who is planning a long car journey. I know I take different things depending on where I am going and what mode of transport I take.
For an aeroplane, I have to take different stuff.

Comment and tell me your travel must-haves!

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