Post London Wrap Up

Today is the first time I don’t feel like a zombie since London. It was one heck of an adventure, one that inevitably left me a broken mess. It was worth it and I’ve created some wonderful memories of Baloo’s home. I met nearly everyone who I needed to and I found myself pushing through to make the most of the few days we had. Baloo’s family were so welcoming and lovely it made it a lot easier. I met his friends and hopefully, I made a good impression. It was nice to do something ‘normal’ but it did highlight how different life is now for me and for us.


The journeys were my toughest moment and I really struggled once we hit the two-hour mark I ended up deep breathing to get through the pain. I was in a lot of pain for the past week really and found out that some things suggested on Instagram helped me, so thank you if you suggested travel tips. I think I will try to do a blog post on travelling soon if I can get my act together.

I don’t regret trying something so far from my comfort zone but I think it is something to think over carefully before we plan the next adventure. We learnt some things that need to be adapted for next time so it was valuable to try. My health is shaky, to say the least, my brain fog is like pea soup and this blog post has been rewritten about five times. Time should help me get back on track but I will be monitoring the dip as per usual.

I was so focused on trying to be present and engaged during our trip I didn’t take a single photo. Shocking I know, especially as some of the places we went to were so beautiful. I just wanted to engage and that took a lot of brain power when I was so out of it.
Maybe next time I’ll have my act together?

I am proud of Baloo and I for trying this adventure out and I think it’s been good for us even if we are shells of our former selves.

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