Daring To Jump Into The Unknown

It can be easy when you’re ill to stick to what you know, it can be for various reasons like knowing how much energy and payback or it can be you are out of practice and it’s not comfortable. So this weekend I’m throwing myself in the deep end. Not knowing if I can swim all in kind of an effort. It’s scary but it’s something that I needed to try.


Before Baloo moved here (read this blog post if you missed it!) he lived in London and had lived in the same place for decades. When we were in a long distance relationship we organised for me to visit him. He moved before the date we agreed so we need to take him back to visit him. Taking into consideration that the last long drive I did I nearly passed out from the pain and it just took me a good month to recover and it scared me. Travelling is a weird one for me because I can fly reasonably comfortably. However, the car is really difficult for me I get a lot of discomfort despite taking all the precautions I can (Any recommendations would be amazing on how to be comfier in the car for hours.) I needed to see where Baloo comes from and to meet his nearest and dearest. I am admittedly scared but I know it’s something I need to try especially as Baloo has a lot of his family further afield. I need to jump in to see how I and the M.E adapt and react.


I can’t say that I am not concerned to see how I react to travel and how to be unwell with unpredictable symptoms. That is all part of going out of my comfort zone and I think he’s worth it. I am one for admitting my limitations and making the most of what is known to be possible but I think this is worth seeing what happens. It isn’t something we haven’t thought through and Baloo is possibly more nervous about the potential payback than I am as I have lots of people to meet. I am hoping it will be a complete success and if I’m careful I will have the minimum PEM and crash.

I don’t know how this experiment will go but I will update you all when I can, I might be quiet on Instagram and I might have to have a mini-hiatus on the blog to deal with my health first. But I will keep you all updated of course or Baloo might for me depending on how it goes. But it’s truly important to me and so that’s why it’s worth the calculated risk.

Stepping out of my comfort zone reminds me I’m young and living even if it’s super scary!
Leave a comment of your travel tips and anything else you might think will help me I’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Daring To Jump Into The Unknown

  1. so happy for you……….i know how scary it is to get out of your comfort zone and i am cheering for you. those of us with chronic illness, if able, would all benefit from even a tiny step. bless you!


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