Get Around Round, Round I Get Around I Get Around


Hello, my friends, it’s been a long second since I’ve sat down to talk to you all. Baloo is now the proudest new resident of my county! Over the weekend he got the keys and has moved into his new home that’s all his. We were majorly blessed that his family did all the moving and most of the unpacking for him. It’s been so fun and doesn’t feel like we are living in the real world.

This is going to be a mini update because we took Baloo’s Mum to IKEA yesterday to scout out the furniture needed for his new home. I’m a broken person today ( this is being written on Tuesday an hour or so before it goes live, gulp) I ache in places I shouldn’t and I am so exhausted it isn’t even funny.

I’m so sorry I can’t update you all as much as I wanted but I just wanted to pop on here and say I might be laying low for a couple of weeks whilst we get furniture and routines down in a normal distance relationship.

What a wild time it’s been and I know that we are so lucky to have the amazing, unwavering support of our families whilst we try this new arrangement out. M.E roadblocks so much of normality it was just wonderful to feel like a normal couple bickering about orange cushions.

What a weekend!

I’ll try to keep you all updated as best as I can as we make his new house completely his. Instagram seems to be my social media of choice so please follow me and see the stuff I’m getting up to, or me not being able to do anything.

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