Life Update: No More Long Distance Relationship ❤️


My Dear Friends,

I sometimes think of us all gathered around with drinks catching up on our lives and not I’m going to lie, I’ve been keeping a lot under wraps for reasons I’m about to tell you a lot!! As it is the week of Valentines Day let’s talk about my relationship…

As some of you might know I have been in a long distance relationship with a guy I call Baloo and we have been together over a year. He was and is, such a support to me being a blogger and he sends me ideas and finds ways to incorporate blog stuff into our days together. He puts up with my need for Instagram and he is just a bit of an all-around gem.

Heart Balloon 3.jpg

Anyway, we’ve been in a long-distance relationship since before we were together. There are 200 miles between us which are painful but thank you Internet for introducing us. Because I have been unable to travel Baloo does the all the travel once a month and I can never thank him enough for that.

But then he is an overachiever, so he is now moving to a county he has no connection to, besides me. Yup, Baloo is MOVING to within 5 miles of me and I could not be happier and not just for the purposeful IKEA trips. We will no longer be a long distance relationship. It’s on a tentative basis for Baloo as he has M.E/CFS and other health issues so it’s a massive step for him and for us.
So here is the story of how we found ‘the one’ flat.

We went to go see some flats and the first we didn’t like it was ‘meh’ with lots of niggles I couldn’t get over. It would do, but it wasn’t configured well or welcoming. We had a big time gap and then we went to go see the preferred flat Baloo’s Mother had checked out for us first ( Bless Baloo’s Mum she’s been amazing and such a help and support) I went into the hall and knew it was the one. I love the perks of double glazing and central heating and the kitchen wasn’t a glorified cupboard!! It was spacious and welcoming. I could see Baloo living there and making it his own and me annoying him by leaving my stuff all over the flat. Slippers need to be waiting for your return, obviously.

We couldn’t fault it and so Baloo asked to rent it and within a day we got a tentative ‘yes’ but the paperwork still needed to go through. If it were successful, we had less than a month to move Baloo 200 miles and furnish a flat. Yeah, no biggie on that one.

The paperwork has indeed gone through and Baloo has a new home! I am so excited but it is a massive step, one I couldn’t have taken so I will be eternally grateful to Baloo and his family for helping our relationship progress.


I don’t really talk about being in a couple with more than a couple of chronic illnesses three wheeling but it’s hard and complicated. It takes a lot of communication and determination to make a life together, regardless of health. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, there is a common understanding of the challenges we face.

It will make moving and our future challenging but we know this going in. We are very happy and a tad nervous to be much closer all week, all the time.

So, friends, that’s really all I’ve been keeping quiet but it feels like a big adult life choice that we’ve been thinking about for months and trying to get it started since September last year. It was also the only property we actually agreed on and it should be a wonderful home for Baloo once the boxes and furnishing are complete.

It’s so exciting but a little surreal. It’s been a whirlwind of Skype shopping and getting excited for furnishings and essentials ( maybe me more than Baloo..)

I can’t deny that it has been stressful and the time frame hasn’t been kind on either of our heath’s but it will hopefully be worth it in a few weeks time. We still have a couple of weeks before Move In Day so it’s all go, go, go!

I might be able to show you little things along the way but my focus is to help Baloo create his home. Which will be exhausting for all who are involved. But what a life change, game on!

💝I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day this week! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to do a dedicated blog post this year- as you might be able to tell I’ve been rather busy and a tad stressed! 💝

8 thoughts on “Life Update: No More Long Distance Relationship ❤️

  1. Wow, that’s amazing news! Wishing you both lots of love, health and happiness during this exciting chapter….you deserve it. X


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