Snow Day In The UK

I love snow and get terribly excited when we have it. Living in the UK snow isn’t around every winter so I savour the few snow days I might be lucky to have. It is rather ironic that I am freezing cold 95% of the year yet, I love snow. The UK is famous for coming to a standstill when snow hits as it isn’t common but the standstill is nice to have an excuse to huddle up and just be.

We had a forecast so we were expecting some snow maybe 2-3 inches but when I hauled myself out of bed it was closer to 5-6inches and the snow had frozen to all the branches of the trees making it even more spectacular. I had great fun hearing the creek of snow beneath my first pair of snow boots for the brief moment I got to experience the snow without freezing.

I love that most revert back to childhood with the snow, we want to see icicles and have the satisfaction of stepping on fresh untouched snow. It seems like one of the wonders of nature left in the world.

I love that snow can make ugly things beautiful and seem fresh and new. I wish there had been clear skies but alas we can’t have everything in life can we? It made the view from my room beautiful and different.

Sadly today we have a bright sun and I can see tiny patches of slush which makes me sad but I have peace in the fleeting beauty of what is essentially frozen water. It also reminds me to find the beauty in every day even if the beauty is hiding the ugly underneath. Each day is fleeting and we have the chance to see the landscape of our lives differently every day.

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