2019 Favourites So Far

I haven’t done a favourites blog post in such a long time! Since I’ve had Christmas and a few splurges in the sales (can you blame me?) I have a few things to share with you that I’m loving right now.

Now I know it isn’t Christmas anymore but I had to recommend ‘The Christmas Lights’ by Karen Swan it’s a gentle kind of book set in Norway about an ‘Insta-famous’ couple. I loved the cosiness of the book and it made me want to visit Norway.

Becoming -Michelle Obama I know I’m a little late to the party with this book but I got it for Christmas and was not been able to put it down. I’m hoping she will go on to write more as I loved her narrative and the insight.

2019 Michelle Obama Becoming Book


I love a natural bubble bath and I constantly use the Organic English Lavender Concentrated Bubble Bath from The Little Soap Company. It smells amazing and is gentle on my skin and it not full of loads of chemicals. I tend to buy mine from Waitrose ( Especially when it’s on offer) but only as a treat as it is a teensy bit expensive but a little goes a long way. It is a natural product so it’s not the most foaming bubble bath you’ll ever use but it does a good job without the nasties.

Tangle Teezer Smoothing Full Paddle Brush. I bought one of these when they first launched as my hair can ruin a hairbrush in about three months -no joke. It gets knotty and tangled even with conditioner and the use of the Tangle Teezer (salon edition) first. So I bought the paddle brush to see how good it was, how long it lasted and did it snag less on my hair and cut drying time down. Five years later, yes FIVE it’s just given up the ghost and I had to buy another. It is perfect for my hair it doesn’t snag it doesn’t ruin easily and it does cut down on hair drying which even if you aren’t drying your hair yourself makes everyone’s life easier. I found mine for less than they are sold on the direct tangle teezer website, it was about £14.50 which is a lot but I can wreck a £6 hairbrush in three months easily.

Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer is a fast favourite for me. It is pale enough for my skin tone and helps cover the panda eyes and its satisfyingly cost effective. I use the shade C1 which matches my skin tone just. If they made a lighter neutral shade I would be matched perfectly, they have an amazing range of shades though! I will be buying the supersize version next time I run out and that is only £7 or the smaller tube being £4. I get mine from Superdrug but you can buy directly from them also.


Baloo bought me the cutest dressing gown for Christmas! Who can resist pompom ears on a hood? I have the tall version which is nearly out of stock so I have linked the main collection version.

Uniqlo HEATTECH thermals are ridiculously good. I have long sleeve t-shirts and camisoles in all different colours and they are so soft and stretchy. Thankfully they do not roll up as some thermals do. They are worth the investment I bought a lot in their Black Friday deals so keep an eye out for their offers. I wanted to see how they washed and how they wore and if in fact, they made me warmer which I can safely say it does.

What are your favourites so far into 2019? I love product recommendations so leave them in a comment below!

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