False Start City


I had great intentions for the start of this year. I was going to eat better, be more organised and try to fit in the adventures I wanted instead of them being an afterthought.

Then my M.E truly kicked in. I was glad to eat anything that didn’t make me feel sick, I wasn’t moving and the blog is being more of a last minute thing than the organised approach I wanted.

C’est la vie.
Of course, this great start to putting my health first and all the ambition hasn’t exactly worked out. But how often does life go as you planned? There is a saying that “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” This isn’t me giving up on eating better and wanting to create better content it’s me acknowledging I’ve had a rough and slow start but I can still try to get all the things I want into twenty nineteen.

To lose ambition or drive now because the first few weeks haven’t been easy or what I wanted seems childish. I have a life to strive for. That is healthier and more organised! Saying that I have been trying to stay tidy (thank you, Netflix and Marie Kondo) and that’s been mostly successful. Mostly being the important word. I can keep trying. If the chronic illness has taught me anything, it’s that you have to become fearless in standing for what you want or are trying to achieve. You get up time after time to try again.

my plan notebook

We have to go with the flow of chronic illness and how you can have great intentions and ‘fail’. Tomorrow is the start of the rest of your life so why not try again until something sticks? If it is seemingly impossible then you might have to alter or lower your expectations. The rise and fall of life can be hard to not work against but you should save your energy for the true battles in life.

Have you had a false start to 2019? Leave a comment and tell me!!

8 thoughts on “False Start City

  1. My ME flared up as soon as my family had left after Christmas (it was my first ever time hosting and I was exhausted). Not giving in though and struggling through, but I cannot honestly say that my house has been properly tidy since my clean freak mum left! Oops. Hope you are starting to feel better now.

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