Wanting To Hibernate

I am most certainly in the dreaded post-Christmas Slump whilst the rest of the world seems to be full of ambition, energy and vigour in getting life sorted. I hate this time of year as my health is pants there is always a million things going on and pressure lots of pressure. I turn into a bear that just wants to hibernate.

Sleeping Ginger Tabby.jpg

I have to go into a mobility shop to check out the new equipment I’ve been recommended this week. Then I need to ring another branch to see if they have a battery pack for my attended wheelchair, plus it needs a service as it’s falling apart slowly. I put it off just before Christmas and whilst I’m fortunate to have this help it isn’t helping my inner hibernating bear. I just want to bed down and SLEEP.

I am getting to the point that self-care is remembering to take my medication, eat regularly and brush my teeth and rest, lots of rest. I’d love to be far more productive but that’s not going with how my body is. I know I can ignore the warning signs that I’m not coping and find myself lying on the kitchen floor after checking something in the oven and getting dizzy.

Baloo and I are going to work out a plan for next Christmas to try and alleviate the tidal wave of things that are time-limited and need to be sorted. Baloo has a birthday in the first couple of months of the start of the year so I need to remember to think of this far in advance so I know exactly what to get him and what our plans are. He might need to compromise on talking about his birthday before Christmas so I can plan! Pretty please, Darling, it will help and I won’t tell a soul in your family either hahaha.

cosy night in slippers

I just wanted to hop on here and say I’m not great but I’m alright and I’m fighting my mind’s ideas of spring cleaning and clearing out and rest and take life chunk by chunk. It can be hard to not catch the New Year bug and want to change your life when your body isn’t able to do routine daily tasks. Make a list and chip away at want you want to do slowly throughout the year. Just because it appears the whole world is making positive steps in their journey doesn’t mean there aren’t difficulties behind the facade that they are struggling with.

Remember we only present and share what we want to on social media or blogs. You only can see what we want to share, I hate to talk about the struggles on social media because if you follow me there is a fair chance you also have some type of chronic illness. I don’t want to be doom and gloom if you are having a good day. I do sometimes share snippets just to keep it honest but by the look of my Instagram, you’d have no idea that most photos are done in bulk when I’m well or they are spur of the moment with no planning and barely any editing. If I”m quiet for a few days it’s normally because I’m so brain fogged I can’t think of what to post besides my cat a mug and a quote. I live a boring life just like any other unwell person. Like for today I’m sat with a hot water bottle on my back in my PJs my hair is a mess and I’ve already won today because I got my teeth brushed. That is my reality.

Enough about my life and my rambles. How was your Christmases and how are you feeling now? Comment below or find me on Instagram and we can catch up!

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