Making Changes In January

Settling into January after Christmas and New Year can be quite the process. There are the inevitable crashes and the picking up your life once again. I don’t know about you but I have lots to get my head around and a lot to organise. Add in the ambitions of looking after oneself and wanting to use the fresh start of a year to try and do the things we love and never have time for. I have books to read, recipes to bribe the family to make and ideas to cultivate for the blog. There is also the mundane and sometimes challenging that need attention. I don’t particularly want to do the things I HAVE to do but I know it’s needed.


Desk and Dream.jpg

I have great things ahead in this year and I know in order to get to them I have to do the things I hate and then think, just think about the ones I want to. Some would argue I’m looking at this the wrong way but I’m just trying to get the time sensitive things out the way and then I can think of the blog and my life.

I have no clue if this will be any help to anyone else but I’m hoping my ramble might bring some comfort that with a chronic illness you have more than what you want to do and some pretty ugly things to face. It can be easy to read hear and see everyone talking about what they achieved and what they are now doing to up their game for 2019. They don’t have doctors appointments and other services to meet with, they don’t have limited energy and the precarious position that comes with awful energy and immunity.

I would encourage you to make changes in your life if you can and you have the desire to but slowly. Shoving everything into your life at an already full time is a recipe for disaster. I’ve already talked about how I don’t do New Years Resolutions but that doesn’t mean that when I can look at the big picture of a year I don’t think it would be nice to be there or do this then. We have 365 days to a year and a lot of opportunity for positive change if we so chose to. Rome wasn’t built in a day so triple how long you think it will take you and you might be about right.

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