My Christmas Bucket List

Christmas Socks.jpg

I know this might be a tad late to be posting about but I wanted to share the bucket list items for me this year. What do you plan to do? I’ve included some family traditions just because Christmas isn’t Christmas without them!


1. Wear Christmas PJs with a Christmas jumper ( Just like I am whilst writing this)

2. Drink copious amounts of Hot Chocolate especially peppermint ones.

3. ‘Help’ decorate the tree and make sure there is fabulous Christmas music on throughout. You’re welcome, Dad.

4. Write a Christmas Card for Baloo as we are apart for Christmas, I want him to have something to open on Christmas day.

5. Watch all my Christmas films (a list of them can be found here!)

6. Create a Christmas playlist.

7. Record all the Christmas specials on tv. My family take this very seriously we buy the Radio Times and get out the highlighters to make sure we don’t miss anything we want to watch later on. We try to prioritise family time over the TV but the Queens Speech is unmissable for us.

8. Read a Christmas book like The Polar Express, Christmas At Tiffany’s, The Perfect Present and of course A Christmas Carol.

9. Hope for snow and drive my family crazy by wanting to go to Scotland for the snow. I have snow boots at the ready!! (The UK is dismal in the snowfall department)

10. Bake with my Brother and eat most of the ingredients and leave him to the making.

Christmas Biscuits

11. Make sure to have festive bed linen! I have polar bears on my bed right now and it makes me feel part of the season even when I’m resting.

12. Pick out a Christmas Day outfit even if I only wear it for a couple of hours.

13. Do some Random Acts Of Kindness, I will be looking out for opportunities to help those who are in need or just give someone a boost when they need it.

14. Remember that resting doesn’t mean I’ve given up it’s a little like investing in the future.

15. Hang up stockings on Christmas Eve

Burning Christmas Fire

16. Watch my cat snore his way through Christmas

17. Beat the family on Mario Kart – it gets uber-competitive.

18. Try to take photos of Christmas. My family can be a little rubbish at remembering to pick up the camera throughout the time as it gets so busy.

19. Soak up the Christmas we have together. This is the first Christmas my Sister will be with her lovely in-laws and this is the last Christmas with my Brother living here full time as he should be off to university by next Christmas. It’s been a big year of change 2018 but we have a lot to be appreciative of and most changes have been for the better.

20. Try to post more Instagram, with my health having a wobble I am out of the habit of posting every couple of days and I want to get back to interacting with you guys more!

What is on your Christmas Bucket list this year?? I should like to add that these are just what I’d love to happen and if I end up in bed and not able to do them then I won’t be disheartened. Christmas won’t be perfect but I love it regardless.
We are getting close to Christmas!! Are you excited?

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