DIY Christmas Gifts

Lucky you a bonus blog post and on a Saturday too. I thought about this gift guide a lot because you can really personalise this to the person their circumstances and their capabilities. Also, I wanted to show you don’t always have to buy things to make a wonderful Christmas gift that will be appreciated. Let’s go play with the present ideas!!


Hotel in a box. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m very proud of my first idea and it sounds a bit out there but just go with it! So we know that most/some people can’t leave their homes or it’s an enormous upheaval and a large expenditure of energy. Bring a staycation into their lives. You could put a teeny box of four chocolates, a new set of bed linen and waffle hotel style robes and slippers in. If you wanted to go all out get a restaurant to deliver to their home when they want to do their ‘stay’ for ‘room service’. Go wild and give miniature toiletries in as well if you want to!! Mini bottles for a ‘mini bar’ could be just the right amount of cheesy. You could have so much fun with this idea.

Frozen cookie dough– Need I say any more? Cookies and biscuits are brilliant to freeze the dough in balls or logs so you can freshly bake them when you need them and if they have food allergies or intolerances they’ll love the effort you’ve gone to. I personally love this sort of thing so I will always want the deliciousness of homemade baked goods without the effort. My sister made me several peach cobblers last year and I have loved whacking them in the oven when I fancy it throughout the year. I feel like a scrooge but I have seen the rise of the cookie mix in a jar style gift which looks beautiful but it might be a lot more energy so you need to bear in mind how they are health-wise.

Photo Books or Scrapbooks. It would be lovely to see all the photos of them put together so they can look back on the things they’ve done.

Open-when-letters. You do several envelopes and give different times when they can open them for example, “Open when you are bored” you could include word crosses and a note to talk to them. Make it as fun and as original as you want to.

I’m using a craft box for these ideas I’ve photographed one of the ideas. I got mine from a Pound Shop but you can find them on Amazon or eBay some people call them tackleboxes or craft organisers.

Snack Boxes- I have a double sided so that gives you more options. Fill them with sweets or healthy snacks!!


Arty Craft Style Bundle- You could get an adult colouring book and some pens. I recommend these books they are beautifully put together and have so many different themes. These pens are just brilliant and perfect to go with the colouring book.

Let me know what you plan to DIY this Christmas time!

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