Christmas Stocking Gift Guide 2018

Stocking GG 2018

Well well, look how time flies! I love Christmas and buying gifts that I wanted to do more than just the one gift guide this year. Stocking fillers are still a thing in our adult family. I love having stockings and all the cute and lovely things you can put in them. I’m going to try and give a good round idea of what might be good for a spoonie but of course please take into consideration age, illness, level of illness into account. I have added links to some things that I like but not all of them. ¬†Hope this helps Santa and his Elves. All prices are correct at the time of writing.

Pillow Mist РCareful of scent sensitivities. They might help you sleep and smell lovely. £8.95
Notebooks – I am addicted to stationary it’s useful pretty and inexpensive too.
Christmas Decorations -Why not get something for the years to come and bring a teeny bit of beauty onto a tree?
Bed Organiser -This could be super helpful to have things close to hand for the bad days in bed. £9.99
fingerless Gloves -Keeping warm can be an issue for most people with a chronic illness, fingerless gloves keep you warm but still allow you to be able to do things.

Indulging Cosmetics, Skincare or Toiletries-¬†I love getting things I may not buy myself and if there is a brand or product you know they love then I’m sure they will appreciate it. Lush is great for natural product however they do have quite¬†an overwhelming scent to most of their products so keep that in mind.
Sheet Face Masks –By far these are the least messy facemasks out there. You can generally leave them on the skin you don’t have to wash the gunky clay off your face and they are cooling. I love Korean ones and I’ve heard the Tony Moly ones are fantastic.
Silk Eye Mask¬†-I am most definitely¬†a silent-pitch -black -room kind of sleeper whenever I go somewhere that doesn’t have blackout blinds and thick curtains I love to take eye masks with me so I can sleep. Silk eyemasks tend to be lightweight and soft on the skin and the look so pretty.

Fidget Toys –We all need to fidget occasionally and something to click or play with can help with anxiety or sheer boredom.
Mini Snacks –Mini Oreos anybody? Raisins if you’re being healthy
Sweets or Chocolate –This is a no-brainer but when you have food intolerances¬†etc finding treats can be difficult. I haven’t experienced this myself but¬†I love chocolate so its a Christmas must have.
Socks –¬†No explanation needed.
Lip Balms/Lipstick -I always need lip balm and lipsticks make me look semi-alive when I wear it Рvery occasionally.
lazy arm smartphone holder¬†–¬£5.50 I have a tablet one but this might be more useful for some people.
Water bottles¬†-Make sure they aren’t too massive (read heavy) ¬†insulated ones are heavier but you drink stays cold/warm for longer. You could stick to a safe plastic one if you are worried.
Thermal mugs -Great for if you are unable to get a hot drink yourself and it gives you longer to drink it.
Reusable eco straws?¬†-We all know our world is suffocating in plastic but as a regular straw user banning them isn’t the answer. Straws can be made of metal silicone or bamboo from what I’ve seen but you do have to wash them. Paper ones in my experience don’t last too long if you can’t drink reasonably quickly. I went onto Amazon and found these funky looking ones¬†¬†– they have great reviews and seem a good price.
Wall rider remote control car -This is pure fun from your bed lying down. Most people would find this fun just watch out for frames etc.

Fairy lights -colour change remote controlled?
Tea Coffee Hot Chocolate
Exfoliating gloves I love these as you feel so clean but you don’t have to grip anything!!


Duvet Socks These wonderful inventions have a tog rating of 1.6 for some of their socks. A brilliant gift if you have cold feet.

Christmas DVDs – I’m just going to link my blog post from last year for inspiration¬†My Top 15 Christmas Movies

Well, I hope you may have found this helpful and you have found something for the spoonies in your life. Tell me what do you put in your Christmas stockings!

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