Deck The Halls – New Decorations

Deck The Halls New Christmas Decorations

A good friend of my family used to take her children every year to chose a decoration for the tree. They had one each and were allowed exactly what they wanted from trucks to elves. Once she told me why they had this tradition, she didn’t want her kids to not have any decorations when they moved out. So each year she added to their individual box of tree decorations.

About five years ago I realised that I wouldn’t have anything to put on my own tree if I ever move out that is. So little by little in the sales or just because I loved them I started to add decorations to my own box. Mostly they are tree decorations but some are free standing. My box has changed from a small one to a slightly bigger one over the years. I wrap them up ready for the time when they are needed.

This year I went to go pick out this year’s tree decorations with my Mum and we went to one of those garden nursery places. I can spend hours summing up which ones I like and which ones are coming home with me. I don’t have a colour theme or style in mind I just pick what I love. Apparently, that’s a lot of white, red, wood and silver. Sometimes I pick one for Baloo but I wasn’t sure whether I would this year. (Plus he reads my blog every week so shh haha)

These are my latest finds, unfortunately, I can’t find any of them online as I went to a local-ish store. The decorations weren’t expensive, I think the most expensive one was £3.99. We haven’t decorated yet for Christmas (when do you?) so I had to improvise with a bay tree to show the decorations nicely. Baloo wanted full credit for this idea so Thanks Bear you saved my festive bacon.

Brown flocked bear. I just couldn’t leave him there, how sweet is he? I find it so funny how scary children and animals typically look in decoration form but he looks like he’s smiling. I can’t have scary faces on my future tree haha.

Brown Bear Xmas

Large Wooden snowflake star I love the simplicity of this giant snowflake star. I probably wouldn’t put this on my tree but I just loved the crisp white and how it will contrast everything else. It also has a little sparkle too!

White Star Xmas

Red London Bus This one is a teeny bit about Baloo as he lives nearish London and it’s part of our story so I wanted to get myself something that would remind me of Baloo at Christmas. It really didn’t want to look good in the photos but it is red all over I swear.

Red Bus Xmas

White Swirl Bauble I don’t know if you can tell but I love the white decorations this bauble has a beautiful iridescence to it which just gives it such a beautiful finish.

White Bauble Xmas

Red Car I just love the bold red of this car and the frosty presents on top. Reminds me of many a Christmas when we used to travel with many presents stacked in the car. I like the slight vintage look of it and it’s solid shape.

Red Car Xmas

So what do you think of my new treasures? I am aware that for some this is all too early to be talking about Chrismas. We don’t decorate for Christmas until two weeks before Christmas so photographing these got me thinking creatively shall we say?? When do you decorate for Christmas? Have you found any new tree or room decorations? Comment down below and let me know!

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