Christmas Gift Guide 2018

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fa la la la la la la la la! It’s that time of year again and this year I am putting out three, yes three gift guides! I am covering Christmas presents today but will have DIY gift ideas and stocking fillers later on in the month.
So it goes without saying these are just suggestions for things that might be helpful/appreciated by someone with M.E/CFS or another chronic illness. Think about the person and try to fit their personality!

I do not own any of the photos used that look remotely professional. My own personal photos will be clear to see 😉 (I’ll put a * next to them too) I have done this blog post on my own opinions and I am not affiliated with any of the brands. 

Bird feeders– You can find ones that you can put on windows or little stands so you have something that is going to be varied to look out on when you aren’t feeling great. This one is from Amazon and is £12.35.

Bird Feeder
Blue Badge case – The Blue Badge Company. I personally love this company and I’ve had one of their leather blue badge covers for years and it’s beautiful it’s just a little distressed with general wear and tear. It made me feel more confident because it didn’t look like something that screamed disability. It may not sound like an obvious Christmas gift but depending on the person you might inject some well-needed style into the everyday mundane life. They do leather and fabric covers and the one pictured below is the colour I have it in. They also do VAT Exempt if you can qualify. Prices to range from £12.50-£36.00 (without VAT relief)

Month View Planner TYpo ASOS I can never ever keep everything in my head. I have a family calendar on my phone which is shared with the fam but to have it all written out in months helps me to work out energy, rest and how much is coming up in the next few weeks. £8.00

Marble Monthly Planner
Gooseneck Tablet Holder My life changed when I bought one of these! No exaggeration I don’t tend to leave mine on my bed all the time but if I’m watching something on my iPad or researching stuff this saves me having the weight on my lap or having to hold the iPad steady. The bendable part is great for getting the right height but might need a bit of arm muscle so you might need a bit of set up help. £19.99

Gooseneck Table Holder

Compression leggings I’m new to compression leggings and its been trial and error, I had to buy them a size up from normal ( kind of defeats the compression element huh? haha) as I physically couldn’t put them on in my usual size. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and I assure you it wasn’t to do with the size of my posterior. The size up is easier to manoeuvre and I felt a teensy bit silly being in ‘activewear’ after a decade of not moving but it did give me extra support where I ached. I think they are worth a shot but they are like putting a wetsuit on hahaha. I bought my leggings from the ASOS Tall Section but you can find them in lots of shops I’m just limited to ones that cater for the giraffe.

Christmas Jumpers We need festive warm clothing and I have more than I’d normally admit to. Christmas jumpers go well over pyjamas and work with leggings, I’m sold.

Extra Long Hot Waterbottle Baloo bought me this when I forgot a hot water bottle (thank you Amazon Prime) and its brilliant. I named him Wilson that’s how much I value it. My only teensy critique would be that it can be quite difficult to fill. It is great if you need to warm up a large area I use it a lot when I have achy legs. Dunelm also has a version but I’ve never tried it so let me know if its good! Prices from £19.70 *Extra Long Hotwater Bottle Warmies


Bear Hugs I have sent a couple of these recently and I love, love, love them. The premise is a care package that feels like a hug in the post. The company was set up by Faye who has Lyme disease and amazingly started up a business and runs it. The interactions with the team I had were lovely and it genuinely made a difference to the people I sent them to. I highly recommend them. They do ship internationally which is a bonus too! You can choose from ready-made boxes or create your own for the individual. I sent one ready-made and one custom and they just worked out beautifully. Prices start from- £5.00



Cold brew Kit We all need our caffeine fixes and if coffee is their poison of choice then this might be a great gift. It is easy to do and saves some effort to get that iced coffee most humans are addicted to. Why not buy some syrups in different flavours and a mug? Make it personal to the person. £15.00

Hario Cold Brew Jug

Silk Pillow -According to the internet silk keeps your skin hydrated and less wrinkly and your hair smoother and tangle free, plus how much more luxury can you get? £18.99
Moon Lamp– I just want one to play with but this might be great for someone who wants a dim light that doesn’t need a plug to work. It’s charged by USB and you can adjust the warmth of the light or the colour. £15.00
Touch Moon Lamp

At Home, Treatments Get a mobile beautician to go round to their home for a manicure, massage or facial. I’d recommend getting this in a voucher form so they can plan energy and book it themselves but it would be very appreciated. I’d love the lack of effort it would be.

That’s this year’s main gift list I’ll link last years gift guide also. I hope I may have helped you with your shopping and just remember even though chronic illness changes things we are still the same people we were before. We might need slightly different things but we still are us.
Good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping!!

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