Autumn Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

I love the light quality of the autumn, the slight crispness in the air and the beauty of the changing colours all around. I quite enjoy the cold cat paws that land on my lap when Dibley comes to warm up and cuddle.
These are a few of my favourite things as the song goes to do or appreciate in autumn.

1) The beautiful sunsets that seem to be more striking in the autumn like this one I took a few weeks ago. I like watching the wash of colour get more intense and then fade as darkness takes over.

2) The everchanging view outside my window. You wouldn’t think green leaves could get boring. At this time of year, you get to see the leaves swirl and the colours change.
3) The excuse to have everything warm, knitted and snuggly.
4) The abundance of apples and the pies and cooking that follow.
5) Hot apple juice and slippers
6) Going on drives to see the beauty in the changing colours.
7) Appreciating all the Instagram posts of beautiful pumpkins. I wish we had a local pumpkin patch.

Simple Pleasures
8) Around this time of year, my Dad makes Pumpkin Pie as his Mother used to and it makes us think of her. She made it in the UK for a number of years which wasn’t really done or widely popular even now. I prefer my pumpkin pie warm which is weird according to my family…
9) Grab those boots a hat and a scarf and the thick jumpers from the back of your wardrobe. I love the excuse of getting my winter/autumn clothing back into circulation even if I hate being cold. Onesies are now seasonally appropriate.
10) Time to stock up on thick socks thermals and new knitwear ready to be worn to death for the next six months.
11) Being properly warmed by a deep bath. I love love love baths and when I’m truly frozen I love and hate sinking into a hot bath.

My life is all about savouring the tiny moments that create a lasting memory and Autumn is a cyclical time of change. Changing weather, changing life events like school, change in perspective, I just want to knuckle down and hibernate the winter months away.

What do you love to do in Autumn? Write a comment and tell me so my list can get some new ideas!

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