Blogging Through Brain Fog

Blogging Through Brain Fog

Ever since I came back from Madeira I have had the most tremendous brain fog. There are so many half ideas dotted around on my phone, iPad and MacBook. I just can’t seem to formulate the ideas into cohesive content. Thankfully, I have had a few spare blog posts but I am aware I have about a week left to sort my brain out to get writing again. I won’t deny that there has been a lot going on since I got back and that has probably not helped.

Being a Blogger with a chronic illness can be tough to balance. It is a lot of forward-thinking and trying to cram writing in when its actually making sense on the screen. I love blogging even with brain fog but it can be so frustrating to have no clue how or why you were halfway through writing that. What was my message and how did that fit into the mess of words on the screen? What was the ending supposed to be like or that is so miserable it can’t possibly be published.


Blogging Through Brain Fog-2

So I am just going to keep typing and editing until there is something that might actually make sense. In this blog post anyway.

My tips for blogging with brain fog:

1) If today isn’t working then shut off the computer and walk away. Rest! The more I try to force it the worse it gets for me.
2) Always write down your ideas and add a few sentences or bullet points and or a title. It helps me know roughly what I was thinking. You could voice memo it too ( I hate the idea of hearing my voice back)
3) When you can write, write as much as you can. Do a few blog posts to keep as spares for when you can’t work through the fog.
5) Know that your audience will understand if you are not publishing your normal content.
6) Lists of ideas can be quite easy to put together if you have a topic.

I feel like this blog post is a little random but as its such a part of my process, I wanted to share it with you to give you an insight to me behind the weekly posts.

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